Improve your appearance

Firm up the figure: Strengthening and toning the muscles makes you look slimmer and increases calorie consumption.

Strength training for women

Be fit, feminine and attractive with Kieser Training

Having the confidence to be seen in a swimming costume or close-fitting clothes are essential to our wellbeing.  Taut muscles and higher calorie consumption make us look good and improve self-esteem.  For example, we can lose that excess weight around the hips and thighs by eating the right diet and doing intensive strength training for the major muscle groups. Trained muscles – even at rest - use more energy than untrained muscles – the difference is really impressive and clear for all to see.

The following machines are particularly effective at strengthening

  • the chest (D5), 
  • the buttocks (A3) 
  • and the rear thighs (B7) 

and so are good for improving appearance.

We shall be pleased to prepare a programme for you – one tailored to your specific needs. 


Programme for women

  • Trainings Programme Brust D5

    D5: Chest

    Breasts are supported by muscles; Training the chest muscles improves stability and lifts the breasts.

  • Trainingsprogramm für das Gesäss A3

    A3: Buttocks

    Strong buttock muscles lift the backside and ensure it is firm and shapely.

  • Trainings Programme Oberschenkel Hinten B7

    B7: Rear thigh muscles

    Taut muscles beneath the skin make the skin itself look firmer.

  • Trainingsprogramm für die Oberschenkel innen A4

    A4: Adductors

  • Trainingsprogramm für den unteren Rücken F3

    F3: Lower back

    A strong lower back is crucial to mobility and agility; it stabilises the torso and so avoids uncontrolled lateral movements and improves the stability of the body.

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Oberschenkel vorne B1

    B1: Front thigh muscles

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Bauch F2

    F2: Abdomen

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Beckenboden A5

    A5: Pelvic floor

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Rücken C1

    C1: Upper back

  • Trainingsprogramm für den Nacken G5

    G5: Neck

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Strength training - sounds like one of those sweaty activities for those with a perfect body. Strength training at Kieser Training is different. We offer an effective way to remain healthy, strong and attractive whatever your age.


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