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Kieser Training is a specialist in solving the problems of muscles and bones weakened through lack of use. What does that mean?

There is only a short period in our life when we build up our strength. This is followed by a long period of a decline in strength. Between the age of 25 and the day we die, our body loses 30 - 40 % of its muscle mass. If we take no remedial action, muscles are replaced by connective and fatty tissue. What is frequently regarded as an ageing process is often just the result of passivity and a lack of exercise. However, movement on its own is not enough to keep the body working properly. The quality of the exercise depends upon the resistance it overcomes. The core attribute of Kieser Training is our ability to regulate this resistance with great accuracy and then apply it for preventive or therapeutic purposes.

Kieser Training is strength training for health based on the findings of scientific research and offered as prevention or therapy. This twin-track approach provides customers with a personalised solution. 

Strength training as prevention
Preventive Strength Training (PST) delivers a general increase in strength. Strength training is an effective way of remaining strong and healthy whether for everyday activities, work or sport. To ensure success, we give customers a careful introduction and regular accompanied sessions. 

Strength training as therapy
Medical Strengthening Therapy (MST) is under the direction of a doctor and supervised on a 1:1 basis by a therapist. It provides a safe and targeted increase in muscle strength for those with serious musculoskeletal problems. At the end of therapy, customers switch to independent strength training in order to maintain the gains in the long term.



Strength training - sounds like one of those sweaty activities for those with a perfect body. Strength training at Kieser Training is different. We offer an effective way to remain healthy, strong and attractive whatever your age.


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A strong body is essential for an active life free from pain. Strength training at Kieser Training really works allwoing you to achieve your goals and live your life how you want to live it.

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