The machines

The Machines

The machines - an essential part of our concept

For both Medical Strengthening Therapy and Preventive Strength Training we use machines tested by TÜV, the German Technical Inspectorate, capable of providing dynamic strength training with a variable resistance. The machines reflect ergonomic principles and changes in physiological tension during the exercise. These factors together with minimal friction and the ability to set very precise training weights reduce wear and tear on internal components machine and so extend machine life.

The machines used in Medical Strengthening Therapy are designed so that they can test muscle strength with great accuracy and also provide the required therapy. The particular features are:

  • Restraint system isolates target muscles
  • Counter-weight offsets gravitational forces
  • Measurement of soft-tissue tone and net muscle strength
  • Isometric testing over the entire range of motion
  • Muscle-fibre type identification through fatigue response test
  • Eccentric and concentric exercises
  • Load on muscles corresponds to physiological strength curve

Example - Kieser Training Lumbar Extension Machine (LE)

The range of motion of the trunk is made up of pelvic rotation (110 degrees) and lumbar spine extension (72 degrees). In order to strengthen the deep muscles of the lumbar spine, we need to exclude pelvic rotation by immobilising the pelvis. This allows us to target the back extensor muscles in isolation and effectively build up their strength.



Strength training - sounds like one of those sweaty activities for those with a perfect body. Strength training at Kieser Training is different. We offer an effective way to remain healthy, strong and attractive whatever your age.


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