Therapy Procedure

Therapy procedure

For those with back problems, the procedure is as follows. A very similar procedure is used for other medical conditions.   

Medical examination
Medical Strengthening Therapy must be recommended by a doctor. After a thorough clinical examination and back test, the doctor will discuss the best course of action with you. If therapy is recommended, the doctor compiles a therapy programme of 12 to 18 sessions with 1 or 2 sessions per week. At each session, you are accompanied on a 1:1 basis by a specially trained therapist.

The first session is an introduction to Medical Strengthening Therapy. We adjust the machine, record your current pain-free range of motion and measure the strength of your deep spinal muscles. The results can then be displayed as a graph.
At subsequent therapy sessions, the deep back extensor muscles are isolated and then strengthened. Your range of motion and load-bearing capacity gradually increase. The aim is reduce pain, normalise spinal mobility, eliminate patterns of movement developed to avoid pain and anxiety and give you the confidence and strength required for everyday life. By the end of therapy, your level of strength should correspond to the average for a healthy individual.
In addition to specific training for the back, you will also strengthen the muscles that stabilise the trunk.

Medical consultation
After every six sessions the doctor will monitor progress. At the last session, the doctor provides a concluding diagnosis. A further back test is done to provide an objective assessment of therapy gains. If this test shows that the strength of your back muscles is now normal, you will be able to cope with everyday loads. If they are not quite up to that level, it is worth extending therapy by a further 6 sessions. 

Independent strength training
On successful completion of therapy we recommend that you continue with Preventive Strength Training. Experience has shown that this approach allows therapy gains to be maintained for years.


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