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Strengthening therapy – active not passive

Medical Strengthening Therapy - what is it? Medical Strengthening Therapy is an active treatment based on sound scientific evidence and used primarily for back problems. It builds up the strength of weak muscles and so tackles the root cause of pain. The test and therapy machines used in medical strengthening therapy provide a reliable diagnosis of physical function and targeted treatment for those with chronic back problems. Our doctor decides whether therapy is indicated and also has overall responsibility for therapy management. A therapist accompanies each therapy session.

Do you have back or neck pain? If so, Medical Strengthening Therapy can help rebuild strength reserves. Research has shown that back and neck problems are often associated with a weakness of the deep back or neck muscles. The role of these small muscles is to stabilise and protect the spine. The weaker they are, the more likely that problems will occur.

When is strengthening therapy recommended? Medical Strengthening Therapy is also used to treat joint problems, e.g. hip, shoulder or knee problems. Following the diagnosis the doctor compiles a therapy programme. A therapist then gives the customer a thorough introduction to the programme. Medical strengthening Therapy can also be used successfully both before - as preparation -  and after surgery - as rehabilitation.

Therapy results In an American study, Medical Strengthening Therapy was given to 895 patients  - all of whom had had chronic back pain for at least two years and on average had already undergone six different types of therapies including surgery. Tested on completion of the therapy, 76% of these treatment-resistant, chronic patients achieved "good" to "very good" results. Age, gender and diagnosis had no influence on whether a patient's symptoms improved.

Benefits From practical experience, we know that 80% of patients benefit from Medical Strengthening Therapy and scientific studies have produced similar success figures. The success of therapy is due to the increase in strength levels and the metabolic processes within the muscles associated with strength training. Both help to reduce pain and counter the risks associated with certain movements at work or in our daily life. Therapy also brings about an improvement in general health and so in quality of life. Even patients who were previously regarded as resistant to treatment or candidates for surgery benefit from this extremely effective form of active therapy.







Strength training - sounds like one of those sweaty activities for those with a perfect body. Strength training at Kieser Training is different. We offer an effective way to remain healthy, strong and attractive whatever your age.


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