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Kieser Training Research & Development

"In a commerical organisation the sole purpose of research is to maximise the benefit for customers."
Werner Kieser, founder of Kieser Training AG

Those who believe that you can simply rely on mainstream science to provide answers are deluding themselves. In some areas, you must play an active role in scientific research. This was why Kieser Training set up its own research department in 2002.

The Kieser Training concept is based strictly on scientific and medical evidence. Our aim is to offer effective strength training that allows customers to strengthen their musculoskeletal system and improve their health. For us, effective training means training that is simple but works.


Research & Development


Strength training - sounds like one of those sweaty activities for those with a perfect body. Strength training at Kieser Training is different. We offer an effective way to remain healthy, strong and attractive whatever your age.


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A strong body is essential for an active life free from pain. Strength training at Kieser Training really works allwoing you to achieve your goals and live your life how you want to live it.

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