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Sat 16th January 2016, at 4pm

For some, it’s knee pain whilst for others it’s hip, shoulder or elbow pain. The pain is often worse in damp, cold weather and at its most extreme after lengthy inactivity. The diagnosis is often sobering; arthritis, i.e. progressive wear and tear affecting the joint cartilage. It is now an extremely common disease.  

Often, the prospect, in terms of “treatment” is surgery. However, there is actually something that sufferers can do to help themselves. Muscle training and an anti-inflammatory diet are crucial for the regeneration of cartilage along with daily exercise and the use of mind power.

In her lecture “Overcoming arthritis and joint pain”, Friederike Feil MSc will explain how you can reduce the pain naturally and re-build the cartilage. Her approach is reliable, practical and easy to follow.

event friederike feil

Friederike Feil will also provide answers to the following and other questions

  • How to prevent arthritis?
  • How to alleviate the pain?
  • What nutrients are good for cartilage?
  • How does an anti-inflammatory diet work?

For more information, please read our interview with Friederike Feil. 


Thank you for your interest in the lecture on 16 January.

Find more information and pictures of the lecture on our Facebook page.

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